How should I prepare the room prior to laying coir and sisal?

The painting work should have been completed and skirting boards and quarter bars removed. The floor should be pre-treated according to the adhesive recommendations.


How do I bond coil and sisal material to the floor?

Fold the material back halfway, starting with the door side. Apply the adhesive with an appropriately serrated spatula (usually B2), depending on the thickness of the material and the adhesive. Apply the adhesive evenly on the cleaned and solid surface and work according to the instructions….and let it air out. Avoid accumulation of adhesive. The web is then placed in the adhesive bed insert, making sure that a pre-glued cut edge is placed exactly in place.


Proceed in the same way with the other half and then carefully roll over with a carpet roller without moving the goods.


How long to delivery from when I have placed my order?

Most coir and sisal products can be delivered within a 3-4 week period. Abaca products can take longer depending on length and types of backing requested.


Can I receive samples?

Yes. Please send an enquiry through with your selected sample requests. We aim to dispatch these as soon as possible.


It looks a slightly different colour to my sample?

Abaca and sisal are natural fibres and have their special properties which we cannot influence. These renewable raw materials are hard fibres which are brittle when processed. It is normal for yarn thickening to occur during spinning, which affects the appearance of the fabric. The property is characteristic of natural materials, as is the case with linen or silk.


What do I do if I spill water on the carpets?

Spilled water should always be wiped up with an absorbent cloth and the material should be dabbed completely dry, as this may prevent the formation of waves.

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