For runners, carpets and rugs made of coconut and sisal.

Over time, dirt in floor coverings can lead to frictional effects which can damage the fibres. Regular cleaning and care, in addition to professional installation and processing, is a prerequisite for a long service life of textile floor coverings.


Basic cleaning

The general basic cleaning of both coconut and sisal is done with a standard vacuum cleaner. To avoid damage to the pile and the separation of fibres, no rotating brush head with hard brushes should be used.


In order to refresh the material over a large area, commercially available dry shampoos can be used 1-2 times a year. Moisture penetration of the material should be avoided under all circumstances.


Stain removal

Natural fibres such as coconut and sisal have a porous surface. Therefore, impurities should be removed as quickly as possible and liquids should be dabbed off immediately with a cloth. Strong rubbing should be avoided if possible, as should extensive wetting of the floor covering. Always test any stain removal in an inconspicuous place.

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